Thursday, June 09, 2005

He is someone i wanna understand.
Someone i wanna share my joys with
Someone who is capable of making me laugh and cry at the same time
Someone whose laughter is so contagious
Someone whom i wished will be happy everyday
Someone whom will not take the people around for granted
Someone whom i wanna spent long walks with
Someone whom i know i can be me
And lastly, someone whom i wanna cherish for all time....

I know...this road will never be easy to walk...your memories with the past is for you to keep...all i asked that in the future...i will have a place in your memory bank...together with all your most cherished people....

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yeah yeah...gonna blog on my blog on this one....Been jotting down my thoughts some other place..anywae, that does not matter. The hols are coming to an end...Ended really fast this time.. cos of the Jurong thing. Came back from Genting...and i guess...we all had a fruitful enjoyed himself with all the bowling...yeah..he seems to love bowling. Reason: He always WIN!!! Argh!! Bro too...bowling freak.. I Love the roller coasters..hahaha...tried on everything. And i love the guys there...yeap...they are all good looking.hahaha!!

Hang out with kat yesterday nite...yeah..that girl haven found a job yet..cos shes going to HK to shop. If you just realise...there is not much time that we can live in this world. At 20, im still studyin. Most prob finishing studying at maybe 25? Den wad? Work?? Marry? Have kids? And Work? Worrying bout the bills to pay?? And den Die?? Dont look really interesting to me...If thats really life....its really sad...I cant live that way....really...cannot see myself living that way..oh they say...God will make a way. I will find my way, when the time comes.

Have been thinking alot lately... Asking myself if this is the route that im really interested in taking. No longer am i interested in the stuff that im studying...Cant imagine myself doing wad im supposed to do...Yeah. I told my mum bout my feelings...and she made a comment that got me so fed up. Girls dont really matter. Yeah...i really blew my top. I truely hope that by the time i grad from TP, i will know what i want...Dont wana follow that standard education route...i want something more than that...But i cant seem to find out wad on earth it is...

Mother's day is my mum a gift voucher from olio bro and i hope that she will have a fine fine dinner with my dad..hahahaha....burnt a big big hole in my pocket now. Anywaez, everyone is happy..thats most important.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

The end of another computer officially died on me.Right now using my dad's lappy..hahaha. After a night of chionging the VCDs..i have a date with the vampire 3...Yup! 47 epsiodes...Finished 19 last nite..hahhaa!! Its a record breaking for me man!!hahhaa..Cos other than me not slping the entire night..i still have the energy to go for piano...hahahaa...But later on,i am completely A dead girl.ahahaa...slept and slept and slept...hahaha.

Been reading up a a lot of travel books lately..i was thinking of backpacking to japan later this year..but anywaez,haven really calculate the expenses yet..Yeah yeah...i know i have been missing in action lately.hahaa...just dont really want to go out...hahaha...actually i have no idea what am i doing at home too..but anywaez, i seems to be enjoying it!hahaha!! mAd jo...

Falling Sick must have been the 3 mochis, danish biscuits, tons of peach tea and mashed potatos that i ate last nite..haahaha...still feeling rather blur right it Sunday now? hahaha!!!take care peeps...see ya all soon...with regards jo..=P

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Im back!hahaha...back in action...better type this out real quick before my computer hangs on me again..already restart the computer like dunno how many times. The Holidays R here!!hahaha!! Actually i did nothing...except mopping the floor? Reading? And Going to the zoo.hahaaha!! is super boring. BORING.hahaha!!

I think the results are coming out the best everyone! i hope i will do well..haiz.. Rite...when my life gets a little more interesting..i will blog agaiN!hahah!! hopefully, my conmputer will not hang on me..hahaaa!! Take care everyone!

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

YippIe!! Finally finished my piano exam!!hahaaha!! =P Saw Lok Sze at the exam centre also...think shes taking her final grade..yep, its been a long long time since i saw her...=P Im declaring a break for myself today first..haaha...tml will start the studying process for the exams..will have to work hard for weakest subject..=( Oh yEah!! Im going running with my aunty tml morning!!hahaha!! Yeah!!!

Heres a mum subcribe the channel 55...its a chinese SCV channel..and i have been a potato crouch now...watching everything..ahahaha!! In fact..i called pat the first thing they activated the check wad what are the programmes they are airing that nite..ahahah!! So happy!! Just in case you guys are house SCV channels are all the news channel, discovery channels and when there is a channel like 55...i tend to turn a bit mad..ahahah!!

yeap yeap..developed the photos i took at sentosa...not bad..certain photos not bad..ahaha...but my dad says its a waste of money..haiz..hahaaha...cannot appreciate art lar...hahaha...

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wah!! Came home super early today...Went to school just for a PSLP quiz..Studied last nite till quite late..haha..Cos yesterday i went running..and den..went home to get my cam and went to TP to snap snap this is funny..cos there was this guy..and he asked me.." Are you from the photography Club?" And i was just shaking my head like mad.." NoNoNo' hahaa...he was laughing at my silliness..i guess..haaha!! Later went to TM to help my mum get something..I came home..and den! I realised amazing race was on..hahaa..sat in front of the tv till like 10..b4 i really did get down to studying my PSLP.hahaha..anywaez, finished studying quite late...heres the part that i feel like wacking myself...This morning Wendaline told me..she has to answers to the questions for the quiz..and she tried calling me..but somehow, my hp was not working..argh!! I could have just memorise the answers..hahaa..anywaez, its over...thats what mattered most..I clear my tests!!hahaha!!!

Having my music theory on sat...haven really studied...and i think i most prob gonna flunk it..haiz..

Anywaez, nothing much happened in school...just really busy busy busy...lack of sleep...lack of in a deprived world.ahahaa..kidding just talking nonsense again. signing off now..ciao!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Okies, this is an entry i actually wrote on 20 feb..but cos i wrote it in my book..didnt really have the time to transfer it till hmmf..a little outdated lar..nevertheless, will share with you guys my thoughts on that day..20 feb 2005.=)

Just finished watching the show Black Hawk Down. I think its a wonderful show.hahaha...was doing my work and watching the show at the same time...

And yup, The show got me thinking...

When soldiers are at battle, what is going through their minds? Is it to survive? And perhaps, at the crucial mement, our true colors are revailed. The person next to you becomes the most important person in your life. You have got to trust and protect him as he would to you.

During the show, i told my brother..I guess when a boy turns into a man is when he goes into army.haaha=)

Thinking back on the movie now, i wonder...Why we could be so petty about certain things. We worry about what to wear tml. We worry about whether this person likes us or not. We worry about wad present to give that girl/boy on that speacial day. A while ago, i was even complaining to my mum about the computer and was asking her to get a laptop for me. But, there are people out there who are worried about what could happen in the next minute. They worry about whether there would be food tml. They worry about the safety of their spouses. They worry about whether it could be their turn to die tml.

Dont you think that what we are worrying are pretty much insignificant as compared to theirs? And we are actually worrying for nothing. Im ashame of me bugging my mum to get a new laptop.

We often take what we have for granted, thinking that its not enough. But you know what? What we are having now is enough..its more than enough.

As im writing this, im thankful for what i have and in fact ashame. For i demanded more and i could not do something for those who do not have enough. Are you feeling thankful now? For what you have.. the love of your family, the food on the table, the safety and sercurity of the country and for all the material luxuries given to you. Think about it...=)

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